If I'm Gonna Do It, I'm Gonna Do It In A Ridiculous Shade Of Pink #Healthkick

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I'm having a lifestyle change. Cutting out the crap, clean eating and exercise. 

Today, I picked up my bike! My parents decided that they would kindly buy it for me as an early birthday present. I picked it up from Halfords for just under £100 and paid £20 extra for them to build it.

I cycled home as practice for Monday's cycle to work and to get used to it as I haven't been on a bike in around 7 years. I nearly died.

I'm disgustingly unfit. I like to blame the big winter jacket I was wearing but it was mainly because I am so unhealthy. I rode up a hill and had to stop because I couldn't even breathe. It took me quite a while to get home because I was inhumanely hot, couldn't breathe and had painfully watery eyes due to the wind.

When I got home my legs were like jelly and my arse has been forming a bruise from the hard seat ever since. I need practice.

My healthy eating has been going quite well. My parents have had takeout two days in a row (my Dad has busted his arm and works horrendously long hours at his job) and I've resisted temptation (only just) by sticking to primarily salads and lots of water. 

The first salad pictured was utterly volatile. It looked, smelled and tasted like glue. I still ate it two days in a row at work though. 

I really need to go shopping and get a variety of healthy foods. I have formed an addiction to grapes though.

To keep myself motivated for my daily cycle to and from work, I thought I needed the 'proper' attire. My Dad was already pressuring me about the safety of being a cyclist on the road and so I appropriately bought a jacket and some trainers!

If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it in the most ridiculous shade of pink.

Have any of you changed your lifestyle into a healthier one? Any advice?


  1. I'm inspired to eat healthy too now! On a Friday! This weekend might be a struggle but your food looks so yummy!

    www.bathtimebedtime.com xx

  2. Awww thank you Fran! Sorry, I just saw this comment. The temptations are so hard but my cravings are gone and I feel so much better for eating healthier things :D