Today was a Good Day… Primark Haul!

The day started out quite badly. I have three different posts about lipsticks, lip plumps and lip prints to write and post about but I can’t because when I woke up this morning, my lips had cracked and blistered. (I lick them in my sleep).


Face: Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation

Avon Glimmerstick Brow Definer

Eyes: Body Collection

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Liquid Jumbo Eyeliner

Rimmel London Volume Flash x10 Mascara

I had an Ice-Queen theme for today’s outfit and make-up choice because I’m cold (winter, have you not ruled for long enough?!), my lips are sore and broken and I had to leave the comfort of my boyfriend’s bed (I swear I struggle to get to sleep but as soon as that alarm goes off, I’m ready for more Zs, and my boyfriend…he’s just so beautiful), to run errands and get ready for my new job that starts in just over a week! 

I was searching for the finishing touches of Jamie’s Valentines gift when I found a full outfit for under a tenner! I couldn’t believe my luck. Primark have upped their game, even though I couldn’t find the eyebrow kit that a blogger I follow had written about. Sadface. 

The outfit laid on the bed doesn’t give it the justice of how beautiful it actually is. I feel extra fortunate because I was looking for a similar skirt online and because it’s February, apparently skirts that don’t rip a hole in your bank account don’t yet exist. 

My favourite part about this outfit is that it cost me £7.50 all together. I bought a pair of black leggings for £3.00 which do not feature in the photos.

Best Primark Haul ever. I heart sales.

What are your bargain buys?

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