New hair feat. Watermelon Playsuit!

Today's blog post is short and sweet....just like my new hair and playsuit! 

I've been down in the dumps lately and finally got rid of my disgusting roots.

I adopted some brunette hair underneath so that my dark brown roots don't look so harsh when they come through again.

Seriously, my hair dresser is amazing.  She took six weeks of roots and growth and turned it into a work of art! 

After my hair appointment, my best friend came to see me. As mentioned in yesterday's blog post she gifted me with a WATERMELON PLAYSUIT.

I have an obsession with fruit fashion. I think I need help. Or to go and buy more! (I really need to go back to Matalan and get those lemon goodies!)

I feel so fresh and summery! 

What fashion obsessions do you have?

#OOTN: Steam Punk Audrey Hepburn in the Fruit Aisle of Morrison's

I love coming up with new clothing ensembles, especially one's that mix up different styles and have an element of fruit fashion.

I went out on Friday night, of course I was missing two of my best friend's and forgot that I worked through lunch that day and so ended up a little bit too drunk but it was an alright night. Would have been better if I'd have eaten a meal though. 

I have no idea how I used to go out 5 nights a week. I went out for one and it's taken me two days to get over it. I'm getting old.

But let's talk about my Outfit of the Night.


I couldn't get a better photo because I suck and don't own a full length mirror and it was hard to get the bag in too aha! My good friend Laura help me in the last one. Toilet selfie. Pretty standard.


This is one of my favourite outfits that I've put together. I need to get back to Matalan and buy all of the lemon fashion pieces they have going on. I'm kicking myself for not buying them when I picked up the watermelon stuff! 

My best friend was shopping and bought me a Watermelon play suit!! I have no photos yet but we're planning to meet tomorrow after my hair appointment. I'm hoping it fits because I have a really awkward body that ranges between 4 different sizes. 

Another thing that added to my already amazing outfit was these glasses.

I feel like a steam punk John Lennon when I wear them. I never want to take them off and I can't wait for river days so I can wear them properly. 

The reason I got to keep these glasses was because we were putting together a ridiculous photo and they suited me so my friend let me keep them. Bonus!

Oh, here's the outrageously hilarious photo. Macca couldn't find sunglasses so grabbed something last minute.

Best. photo. ever.


I also really want a princess cake. Why can't it be a thing to wear a tiara everywhere and for people not to think that I'm a weirdo. Like, look at this thing!...

Jamie wouldn't let me buy the tiara cake. Shopping with a hangover is not great because I want to buy birthday cake and ice cream and pity myself all day. 

We did get milkshake and ice lollies though!

It was beautiful. My diet and healthy lifestyle is still down the shitter. Need to get motivated again!

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Why being vain is not a bad thing

As I uploaded my last blog post, my Mum saw it and (I presume jokingly) called me vain because I openly blog about myself.

It made me retrospect about my emotions over the last week. I've let my hair, nails and eyebrows go weeks over their taming dates and as a result I've felt awful about myself. Let's not even talk about the crap I've been eating.

Going to a salon, taking 'selfies', lifestyle blogging (apparently), tracking weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle have often been misconstrued as Vanity.

Just over a year ago, I didn't wear make-up, I didn't blog, I didn't get my hair, nails and eyebrows done and I didn't maintain my health, weight or appearance at all. 

Doing all of these things isn't vain. But if it is then being vain is a good thing.

Being vain has brought out the best version of me. 

I earn my money and like to spend it. I have always wanted to be blonde, I love acrylic nails because I have sausage fingers and they feel awesome, I love to buy, flaunt and wear dresses/skirts, I love talking about my job and degree, I love feeling healthier and being able to achieve new things through weight loss (i.e. I can cycle up a hill!), I love having real shape and colour to my eyebrows and blogging mixed with all of the above has made me a super-confident woman.

Without all of these things, I would still be the shell of a woman I was, in a sheer depression not able to stand up for myself.

Vanity loves you

I like to show off my achievements and purchases because I earned them. I spent three years studying for a degree whilst going through major personal issues and still came out on top. I like to show off my purchases because I work 40 hours a week to buy those things. 

I recently wrote a post for Zusterschap about battling body issues. I have insecurities and visible flaws but I've learnt not to care. I mean, yeah I feel rotten when I don't get my hair and nails done but it doesn't stop me rocking the fuck out of a hype tee. Being vain and getting all these things done to my body makes me feel amazing but at the end of the day, loving myself (in a vain way or not) is what truly makes me happy. I do all of these things for me, nobody else. I like to look good for myself and be like "Dayum girl, nails are flawlessssssss." 

As I stated before; No two girls, regardless of how similar they are, can wear an article of clothing the same way. I used to hate myself and hide beneath t-shirts and hoodies, but now I embrace what I am and feel god damned good about it.

As much as I can get dressed up and everything plucked, waxed, painted and bleached, I can also roll out of bed into whatever is lying on my floor and go to work. 

Vanity motivates me

This post may contain a lot of contradictions like, how can you love yourself and want to change the way you look?

I do love myself. I have a big booty, boobs and large hips. But I'm not fond of my stomach. Jamie's bathroom features a mirror opposite his bath tub and so when you get out of the bath tub, you can't do anything but look at your naked butt.

I am totally comfortable in my body. I walk around barely clothed when possible because it feels good, although I know I would be happier if my stomach was more toned. The fact that I'm 'vain' over my naked body motivates me to shed the pounds and get the stomach that I want. 

Vanity brings people together

I am by no means a fashionista but blogging about my fashions, beauty and lifestyle has brought me into an ever-growing community of bloggers. Particularly on Twitter.

People in my actual life tend to check in on my blog too. I used to be really embarrassed by that but now I really like the fact that they were drawn in to click on it. In life people know me as something with no filter, an open book, I actually have no secrets. 

Because these people (btw, hey guys) check in on my blog, sometimes they want to talk about it. A lovely lady from my local corner shop found my blog from my Instagram account and asked me if I could dress her for a date and give her make-up advice. Of course I loved to help and she felt like a million dollars going on her first date in over a decade. 

I've also receive messages and comments off people when I write about issues such as the ones addressed in the Zusterschap article. If you feel a certain way then it's pretty much guaranteed that someone else does. Talk about it, brag about it, cry about it because new friendships and positive emotions can be formed. 

Vanity brings people together.

Vanity doesn't mean it's all about you

Vanity doesn't mean that you live in a little bubble, constantly staring in the mirror unaware that there are starving people in the world, war, animal cruelty, global warming, missing persons, etc. Worrying about the way you look and act is a exercising awareness and self awareness whilst thinking about the impacts on the world surrounding you. You influence and are influenced by the world around you because you are in tune with the world and thus paying attention. 

Unless you're self absorbed, then you totally need to re-evaluate and check out for a while. 

Vanity feels good

Personally, getting my hair, nails, eyebrows done and buying a new dress unwinds me after a busy week attempting to understand the world of finance. 

If you need to check out of the world and take care of yourself for a while, do it. 

You cannot be the best version of yourself and live your life to the fullest without being selfish and giving in to your own needs and desires. 

I kind of rambled in this post and I'm not actually sure if I made any sense at all but basically, if you take care of the way you look and act then it's totally not a bad thing.

Next time someone calls you vain, thank them, blow your own trumpet as loud as you want to because if you don't then who will?

Audrey Hepburn LBD feat. Fruity Fashion.

 I broke my shopping ban. I lasted 21 days and then decided that I needed some face paint. I learned a lot from my shopping ban. I can budget and now tell people that I will not lend them money, I can save and not feel urges to buy stuff just to blog about them. I can prioritise where my money is going and not have to panic (although I still do) that I can't afford something. 

For example, saving for this house I have gained some chewbacca eyebrows, lovely infills and roots as dark as Voldemort's soul. Because of this, I've been in a little mood with myself lately. I've been moderately anti-social and making myself miserable.

These are very vain reasons to be upset but I feel unkempt and uncomfortable in my appearance more than I usually would.

Jamie and I decided to go shopping after work yesterday and grab a bite to eat before a visit to the Estate Agents. 

My diet has gone to the absolute shitter lately. I've been in a constant state of stress and anxiety regarding the house hunt and finances so I'm going on a night out tomorrow to let off some steam.

In preparation for this long overdue night out, I decided that I needed a new dress. 

This really confused Jamie.

All of my dresses have patterns and a splash of colour on them and so I decided to go for a more classic ensemble. Audrey Hepburn style-esque and it's another excuse to wear my (albeit fake) pearls again.

I adore the simplicity and the material that it's made out of. The light material underneath really makes the dress and the best part is that it was £40 reduced to £20! I worship bargains.

On the way to the changing rooms I spotted something else and almost dropped to the floor like a five year old child that sees sweets in a shop window.

Anyone who follows my blog knows my obsession with fruity fashion. I have blogged about it here and here.

Well, to continue with the obsession, I have finally found accessories to go with these shoes. 


How a-freakin'-mazing is this bag?! I always tend to use the same bag on a night out, a simple black one with a gold chain but when I saw this, I had to have it. It was only £4.00!

So tomorrow night I shall be donning the classic Hepburn inspired style and mixing it up with some fruity fashion. You should all follow my Insta so I can show you how it turns out.

All items purchased are from Matalan!

Now for a little Audrey Hepburn appreciation. 

So much love for her. Such an inspirational icon.

Also, we have another house viewing Saturday! We've found out that we may not need a HMO after all as we can just take a joint tenancy. So much faffing.

Do you have any Audrey Hepburn inspired styles/make-overs? Link me below! 

Queen of Hearts

I have decided that I need to invest in some face paints. I've been getting really into creative make-up lately and I figured that using actual make-up isn't as good as face painting. 

Today, I became a Queen of Hearts. 

I think I'll redo this look and make the card a little more 3D with shading, etc. 

I still quite like it though.

The pale skin I implemented reminded me the Elizabethan era and their make-up ideals.
I learnt a little from a trip to Leeds I took with my boyfriend for my birthday. Basically, white make-up was used as a silent 'declaration' of higher class. They could afford not to work and anyone tanned was effectively dirty and poor from working out in the sun all day long. A pale complexion was so desired that they packed on a mixture of white lead (known as Ceruse or Venetian Ceruse) and vinegar which in turn slowly poisoned, paralysed, blinded and made users bleed to death. Ironically it also made their skin age faster.  

Link me to your make-overs!

Time Travel

It's a Sunday morning, I'm eating breakfast in bed and for the first time in a long time, I haven't seen my boyfriend for an entire weekend.

It's times like this I reflect on my life so far. My achievements, my failures and initially all the stuff I wish I had done differently in my life. Regrets I guess they're called.

At work, my colleagues and I get to know each other by asking questions like "Did you go to uni?", "Have you ever been engaged/married?", "Would you ever have children?", "What would you do differently if you could do it all again?" - generic questions that give an insight into the world of someone I wouldn't have otherwise met. 

I'm torn in two as to whether I would have lived life differently. I had a miserable school life and wish that I would have stood up for myself a lot sooner, I wish that I'd have said no to that boy, I wish that I'd have moved up to Uni, tried harder whilst I was there, I wish that I'd have taken a gap year and matured a little bit first.

I regret to a certain extent that I let people abuse me because I had low self esteem, I regret that I had to deal with the back lash of bad life choices and I regret meeting a lot of people that I have. 

But on the other hand, if I did move to Uni I wouldn't have the set of friends or boyfriend that I do now, I wouldn't be getting my own house with some great people and I wouldn't be anywhere near the next chapter in my life. If I'd have taken a gap year, I wouldn't have the job that I have now which made me mature to the woman I am now (I know about pensions and tax returns because of this job), and I'd have hit the 9k tuition but I was luckily capped at the original cohort fees. 

If I'd have not had my heart broken by the first boy and not rushed it with the second then I wouldn't have suffered domestic abuse by the third, meaning that someone else who doesn't have the set of amazing friends that I do would have suffered at the hands of this person and probably not survived to tell the tale. Worst case scenario is that he would be in prison for murder or not at all.

I regret the way that I ended things with certain people and I regret not staying in touch with the people I should have but at the same time ending those relationships is probably what saved me from a very different/shitty life. Going out with someone who keeps you overweight and your self esteem low is not okay. I recently checked in to see what was happening and he now has two kids to different women. It scares me to think that I could have been one of them. This relationship I used to compare to a relationship someone should be having in their thirties. And that's precisely why it went wrong, because I was merely 19 and soooo not ready for any of that. (I'm 22 now and still not ready for all of that).

Sometimes I think of life as one of them books with the 'choose your own ending.' I like to think of what would have happened if situations ended differently or if they didn't occur at all and part of me wishes it was possible to see it because I think I would appreciate my life a lot more now and not let my past get to me. 

I regret that I have regrets and I regret that it makes me anxious constantly. I regret that people hate me for decisions I made when inebriated or mentally ill. I regret that I still let the past get to me.

Most of all I have no regrets because without all of the shitty things happening (because of me or towards me), I wouldn't have a degree, a job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend- I wouldn't be who I am now.

If you had a chance, would you do life differently? 

Anxious Zombie Pin Up Girl

The struggle between having fab make-up on and not being photogenic sucks.

The house hunt is still going strong and we have placed whatever the renting version of an offer is on a house! Now the waiting game to hear if we can have it is on.

It's going pretty well, we all have money, jobs, good credit history, our only hurdle is getting a HMO which is required for four adults to live together.

Whilst I've been waiting for a phone call to see if we have it or not, I have been getting more and more anxious about it. I mean, we will get a house but this one is perfect and the price is just phenomenal. I'm worried whether there is a catch because it seems too good to be true and we found it on a whim.

Out of anxiety, and probably boredom because Jamie is with his family this weekend, I turned myself into a zombie pin-up girl! I should have probably made over my neck as well but it wasn't for anything in particular so I saved my palette from too much abuse. 

Whenever I look at other bloggers and MUA's, they always write their products and technique down. 
I use the same products repeatedly and the technique is pretty simple. Pack it on, outline it and add glitter :') I'm a very simple person.

I'll write down the list of products I used for any one who is interested.

1. Pin-Up Foundation - Rimmel Match Perfection mixed with AVON ideal flawless.
2. Concealer - Rimmel Match Perfection
3. Green face - Neon Nights Electric Eye Colour Palette and Technic Brights Eye-shadow. I used four different shades of green all over the face and used the darkest to contour. 
4. Blush - Colortrend Translucent Tan
5. Zombie Eye-shadow - Electric Eye Colour Palette Purple and Avon Silver from the iconic night palette. 
6. Pin Up lips - Avon Colortrend 'all fired up'
7. Zombie side of lips - Darkest green Neon Nights Electric Eye Colour Palette with Bourjois Black eye-shadow to outline.
8. Eyeliner - Avon Supershock gel eyeliner
9. Pin Up - Eyebrow - Collection Eye definer pencil and Collection Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit
10. Zombie Eyebrow - Bourjois Blackest Black Eye-shadow 
11. Mascara - Rimmel London Waterproof Volume x10 Mascara Flash 
12. Liquid Eyeliner (used for pin up cats eye, beauty spot and 'divide' down the centre of my face) - Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye Liner. 
13. Glitter - Claire's Cosmetics Silver Glitter Spray 

I really want to watch Monster High now.

Link me to your make-overs! 

Warrior Mermaid Zombie Tribute Post

This is not the greatest make-over in the world, but it's certainly a tribute.

I've been playing around with wanting to develop a dark/evil/zombie/warrior mermaid look for a while - and for no reason whatsoever. I got bored after work and surprisingly had so much energy that I got out all of my make-up and rocked up this look.

I have better plans that involve lots of glitter, lots of black make-up, lots of netting, sequins and my black swan fancy dress from last year. 

I kind of like this but the next one will be soooo much better.

It freaked out my boyfriend completely so I think I win either way.

Link me to your weird make-overs!