Mermaid Shoes and Moving Out: Primark Haul

Tomorrow is finally the day that I'm moving out! 

I'm so excited. Short shift at work and then I'm off for our fridge/washing machine delivery, moving all of my stuff to the flat, going grocery shopping and then having a very last minute planned night out. And it's pay day! 

I'm feeling good. Less stressed and anxious than usual. I need to get back into a healthy eating routine though. I saw my prom photos whilst packing my stuff up and I was a much healthier weight. I haven't cycled in a week and I've eaten so much crap. I'm an emotional eater and shopper. This needs to change. 

Being an emotional shopper, I bought a new outfit today!

I purged some more stuff and so had to replace them to keep the flow going.

I originally went into town to get a bus home and received a phone call from my Brother asking me if I had bought my Mum an anniversary card. Of course my parents Wedding Anniversary had slipped my mind with all the fuss of moving and sorting out my life. Instead of buying a card (I'm not a fan of cards, and my Mum's a hoarder so they irritate me a little) I decided to treat her to a new dress and scarf. I love seeing her face light up when she gets a new item of clothing or a present. It really warms my heart and brings us closer.

I went to Primark. 50% sales were on. Sale is my second favourite word to free. I bought some flowery leggings (I really have an addiction to patterned leggings) and some thin striped ones. I also bought some cute little socks and a plain black half pencil skirt.

My absolute favourite purchase of today was my new mermaid shoes!

For a person obsessed with fashion and beauty hoping to one day pursue a career in such a field, I suck at buying shoes. I have wide feet and they're scarred, it's hard.

I was looking at vintage shoes, loafers, sandals, wedges and I couldn't 'feel' any of them. Then I saw them!

The shoes are actually black. I added the filter for mermaid effect but it looks cool, right?

They have a delicate pattern etched into them which I think looks like a mermaid's tail and super cool platformesque bottoms with 'spikes.' 

I accidentally marked the floor with my shoes :')

I also extended my Provocalips collection! I bought my Mum some too and so now she's hooked and asking me what others there are.

Tartan leggings are amazingggggg.

I reviewed them here if you want to know exactly why I am obsessed with them.

So, tomorrow my moving out journey continues and I can stop living out of bags and limbo. I can't wait to settle in!

What haul's have you had lately?

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Snow White #OOTD and Stress Dress Shopping

I've become that stressed and tired that I've made myself ill and starting procrastinating instead. Over the past few nights I've been lying in bed waiting to fall asleep and finally succeeding around 12.30am but waking again at 4am before having a broken sleep til around 5am.

Working long shifts and attempting to get organised to move out as well as lack of sleep has left me with painful migraines and a snappy attitude. I mean, how hard is it to find a decent yet cheap washer, fridge and freezer? 

In light of all of the events I decided to play dress up for work today. I went in a Snow White inspired look. Of course the royal blue shirt represents the 'at one-ness' with nature and her blue costume, the red skirt was mainly because I didn't have anything yellow but also because it was the same shade as her cape. 

The cardigan is fluffy and plays on her name more than what she wears and the backstory of how she got that name, representing the freshly laid snow and the pale whiteness of her skin.

"Snow White's Mother, the Queen, was sat sewing at her open window when she was startled into pricking her finger. This caused but three drops of red blood to drip onto the fresh blanket of winter snow on her black windowsill. Seeing the colour combination in all of it's beauty, she wishes secretly to herself , "Oh, how I wish that I had a daughter that had skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony." And thus, Snow White was born.

My favourite part about this outfit was that I have a bitten apple necklace.

It really completed the look and a lot of people at work took notice. Of course, in the fairy tale, the Evil Queen wants to murder Snow White (I really can't believe this was shown to me as a kid, ha!) and attempts to by giving her a red poison apple. She eats it and passes out. Like me after a few cocktails.

Of course the story gets a little weird here and a handsome Prince falls in love with a presumed dead girl in which seven dwarves then go to HAND OVER THE COFFIN, thus awakening her and going on to instantly wed before torturing and killing the Evil Queen (I made a quick adaptation. It really depends what version you read/see). 

After a stressful day Adulting, and being a tiny bit disappointed in the lack of yellow in my snow white OOTD, I decided to treat myself to a new dress.

Now I can re-do this outfit and have a summery (British summer is like Winter but it's daylight for longer) dress.

I bought the apple necklace from a Charity Sale over a year ago but I'm sure you'll find one if you look online. Also, the cardigan was given to me so I have no idea where that is from either :') 

Yellow dress featured can be found here.

Blue Rose Shirt - Asda 
Skirt - Primark 
Leggings - Primark

I'm going to make more Disney inspired outfits. Who's your favourite Disney Character?

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My Bad Beauty Secrets

Inspired by the wonderful Jemma over at Dorkface I felt the need to also confess my sins and purge my soul of my bad habits.

Below I have listed my beauty sins, why? To see if anyone is like me and to also reassure yourselves that no-one is perfect.

1. I hate my natural nails and always wear acrylics. 

Quite an expensive habit but I do not have the patience for nail polish and will bite my nails so much that they have to be wrapped in bandages and plasters. If I became a zombie, I would probably eat my own finger tips by accident.

And they look awesome.

2. I don't wear T-Shirts

I am 100% not comfortable in any form of T-Shirt which sucks because I have a load of band tees that I have received as presents over the years and totally want to wear. I blame it on being a tom boy for many years and being an utter state. I now personally associate T-Shirts and hoodies with the years that I was depressed and made a lot of mistakes (let's not go there) and so can't wear them any more.

3. I always have roots

It's inevitable. I am naturally dark brunette/black and have now adopted white hair. I don't have Kim K's bank account (what is she actually famous for?) and so nearing the end of the month, I rock the roots look. Looks even fresher when I actually get my hair done though!

4. I never wear my hair down

I just can't be bothered. My hair is thick, frizzy and if I don't straighten it then it takes on a life of it's own. I work at 7.30 am every day and it takes time to get there too so tying it up in a rough bun seems like the easiest option. On nights out I tend to wear it down. I'm not that adventurous with styles, it's either up or straight down. My hair is too heavy to hold curls and I am just not patient enough to play with it. It also annoys the life out of me when it hangs down when I'm working, writing, etc.

5. I don't blend my eye-shadow

On purpose. I like to pack on the neon and look outrageous. I blend slightly at the top but I wear it like war paint.

6. I don't like neutral

I don't often wear something that doesn't glisten, glitter, clash or turn a few heads in my wardrobe or my my beauty habits. I don't own anything brown and rarely wear a neutral palette. 

7. I can't wear heels

And open heeled shoes freak me out. Have you seen the film 'Maniac' with Elijah Wood? He brutally murdered women to make them into his little mannequins and inevitably dies due to his own obsession (sorry, spoilers) but there's this one scene where he severs the ankle of a woman wearing open heeled shoes. That's how I feel wearing them. It's like nails on a chalk board. As to heels, I adore them and used to own quite a few pairs but I can't wear them because I suffer from flat feet.

8. I use make-up wipes

For everything. I find them cleaner and much easier to control when correcting make-up mishaps. And I use a lot of make-up remover so I find it a cheaper alternative to buy multi packs. Cotton balls also freak me out (another nails on the chalk board) and tissues dissolve under any form of pressure when using make-up remover.

9. I have never contoured/highlighted properly

I already take a billion years to get ready for a night out. I contour slightly and have highlighted in the past but I have simply never had the time to do it properly (I am not an expert that could do it in ten minutes flat). I've just bought a contour kit though and so when I have settled into my flat (I don't wear make-up to work), I plan to experiment to my hearts content.

10. I wear glitter in my hair

Because I can and I will. I like to shine. 

What are your bad beauty habits?

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Growing Up, Part 2: Flat Warming in Limbo.

There are no words, books, manuals, other people's experiences, blogs, Instagram posts or anything available in this world that can prepare you for moving out. So far, I am ready to give up because it is a long arse procedure that will find you falling out with your nearest and dearest purely because you can't handle other people's shit, even when they're doing you a favour.

This past couple of weeks has been so stressful. Living between two places means that you're not quite ready to live in one but so over living in the other. Trying to sort out who's name is going on which bill and then trusting others to pay that bill on time, as well as attempting to buy a fridge, washing machine, other supplies and hold down a 40 hour a week job is exhausting financially, mentally and physically. Especially for me being a complete control freak. I want to just do it all myself and have it done but 1) that's not fair on the guys, 2) I ain't no housewife doing everything (so contradictory, I know) and 3) We're all holding down 40 hour a week (or there about) jobs so need to give each other time and space to deal with what we need to. Anxiety Gillie needs to chill. We're all a pretty tight group that would reply to each other in an instant but right now we're breaking from each other because moving out has overridden every other aspect of our lives. 

Trying to find out who is providing what and how much each person has budgeted can take days which makes the organiser want to throw in the towel and say "do it your fucking self." Or maybe that's just me because although I'm a slow person, I have no patience. 

I've been so tired. I just want to be all moved in and settled. In anticipation for the upcoming move, the guys and I threw a party that actually turned out to be a success. Although I did end up being like four people's therapists. There must have been something in the booze that made everyone emotional about the same thing.

Getting ready for the party, being an emotional eater and being stressed over a period of weeks led to me being really insecure about my body that night and then I had a couple of people talking about it, which inevitably made it worse. 

I have always had a thing about my arms. I don't know what it is about them, I just dislike them. That night I wore my tutu and tiara (princess vibes be strong) and I got really hot in the flat (straighteners, alcohol, anxiety and a lot of people were there) so I decided to take off my cardigan. There was a girl there who was so stuck up her own arse it was unbelievable. She slagged me and my friends off in my own flat about my clothing, where we had decided to live, our alcohol choices, and only God knows what else. I ended up asking her to leave because to top it off, no-one would be in the same room as her, she would not pee without her boyfriend IN the bathroom with her and when I asked to talk to her boyfriend (with mine in plain sight may I add) she was practically screaming "NO, NO, NO" and not making the slightest bit of effort with anyone.

See, at first I thought she was shy. Until I introduced myself an she looked me up and down before turning and walking away. So fucking rude. If you go to someone's flat, uninvited may I add, at least have common decency and manners. 

After she had commented on my style and hacky looked me to her hearts content, another person asked me if my boyfriend was a feeder or if he was telling me to lose weight. This really pissed me off. It's noone's business but he is neither. He loves me the way I am but encourages me to lose weight if I tell him I'm struggling. He's lost weight and got fit himself in the past so he knows exactly what it's like.

Also, don't use people's make-up to draw on their walls. That still makes me angry and now I've had to buy my brand new Provocalips make-up again because it's unusable. I then binned my other brand new one accidentally and so have to fork out for two brand new ones when the other ones were perfectly fine!

Apart from the minor annoyances and several people having a tiff (we were all pretty drunk at this point) it was a really good party. Some people showed interest in others, romantically and not, and I feel like I really got to know people properly. 

I genuinely believe that until you have been drunk together, you are not true friends. Until you tell them stuff that you would be ashamed of sober then you will always have the idea of a friend in a person that is wearing a mask. 

Hopefully this week we get to sort out the bills, only one left to go! The fridge and washing machine, the internet should be installed Friday and I'm attempting to sort out my financial budget and prioritise what I need to live with and what I can take to the flat as soon as possible. This is the hard thing about my clothing, I thought it was as easy as bunging it into a car and driving over but I don't know where I'm living on what days and what clothes I need for work. Especially without a washing machine. 

I am currently living on a temporary bed with a quilt my boyfriend's Mama gave me with all of my stuff in bags and boxes. I'm aiming to take larger furniture over on Wednesday after work and then be officially moved in by Saturday 1st August. Fresh month, fresh start.

We may not have food yet but we do have plenty of booze left from the party if we get stressed out. Ha!

I would totally throw another house party when we've settled in but I refuse to be the only one cleaning it up this time. I nearly passed out from the smell of alcohol. 

A good thing about the morning after the night before was that my dream of sitting on the kitchen floor, in a tiara, eating a pink cake finally came true.

Time for some party photo spam!

We have a pool table in the living room. Living the dream.

My cleaning the flat outfit the next day was amazing. I felt like a '50's housewife because of the cut of the dress. Also, one of my best friend's bought me the best knock off Michael Kors bags that I have ever seen from her trip to Turkey. I adore it <3 

Have you got a moving out horror story or fairy tale to tell?

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