Cinderella Story feat The Princess and The Frog

I've just blogged about the reasons for my recent disappearance. Adulthood. Does it ever get fun?

Anyway, I decided to make an art project which turned into two and then another person joining in. Adulthood was briefly fun.

It was originally inspired by this blog post and the beautiful Jenna, who writes over at Princess Parasox, when she said that her favourite Disney character was Tiana from Princess and the Frog and that I should wear an outfit inspired by her. Well, I sorta did.

Admittedly, I got far too carried away in the craft and it turned out to be loosely inspired by Princess Tiana. 

It was originally supposed to go like this... 

and ended up like this...

The pearls wouldn't play ball. Still love it though.

I didn't make the corset but my blood, sweat and tears went into that tutu. 

Simply get some elastic, cut it to your waist size, get a few metres of netting (I think I used about 7), shred it into strips and then tie it (like a shoe lace) around the elastic. It's so addicting. Then sew on the bits and bobs that you fancy! 

After I finished, I got Jess hooked onto making them.

To make a tutu, one must first become the tutu.

Hers is inspired by Disney Character Rapunzel in Tangled! It looks amazing but isn't finished yet so I can't blog about it :'(

We need to throw a butt load of Disney Princess fancy dress parties to wear all of the tutu's we have plans of making.

Whilst she was making her tangled skirt, I decided to make a cinderelle-esque styled one.

The photo's do not capture the beauty of these tutus'. I'm genuinely really proud that I made an art project that actually worked out!

Also, I knew my tiara collection would come in useful one day!

What have you crafted lately?

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Charity Shop Finds

After realising that all I do is haul Primark goods, I decided to check out the Charity Shops before getting my eyebrows threaded today.

I've been super obsessed with Bates Motel lately and when I saw this dress I had to get it as it was very Norma Bates. 

The polka dots and the colour not so much but the overall style is. Close enough.

I also bought this beauty. I'm sick of my necklaces and rings getting tangled and broken and she's so beautiful. Reminds me of a 20's burlesque show.

The best part about these purchases, apart from the price (£4.95 for the dress and £3.99 for the jewellery holder), is that all of the proceeds go to Charity (British Heart Foundation).

What Charity Shop Goodies Have You Found Lately?

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Pineapple Gangsta #OOTD

I'm still obsessed with this over-sized blazer that I purchased. Last week I was all 'The Breakfast Club' inspired and today I decided to be a fruity gangsta. 

As well as looking good, it's lightweight, keeps me warm but doesn't overheat me when the sun's out. It also makes the most casual outfit's look smart. 

All of the above - Primark.

I really need to expand my shop choices. 

What OOTD's have you done? Link me below!

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The School Kid, The School Teacher and The Granny #OOTD

I've been writing quite wordy posts lately. I decided to break it up and give you all a quick OOTD ensemble.

I'm not really sure where the inspiration came from. Maybe I'm feeling old because I have a pension and a flat now, maybe I felt like being childish because, you know, I have a pension and a flat now.

I call this look a cross between The School Kid, The School Teacher and The Granny. 

All garments are from Primark (shock, right?) and the cardigan was purchased online somewhere. The material makes my teeth go funny but it had a detachable faux fur hood which is cool.

What kind of Outfits have you rocked lately?

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Growing Up Series: Thinking It Through

Thinking back, we found a place quite quickly. It took around 2 months between looking and moving in (give or take) and a lot of heart break and rejection but I'm finally settled into my own flat with my three flat mates.

A lot has happened a long the way, we spent a lot of money, learnt that bread and milk is actually perishable (my parents hid that so well), I learnt to cook (I am learning to cook), we can food shop on a budget and even time our showers perfectly to each other's needs.

Another huge thing happened last night. I've been banging on for months about how Jamie and I are the slowest developing couple ever and only moved in together out of convenience. Last night, I set up my bed (we were originally converting the living room) and got in. I worked on my arts project and watched a few episodes of Bates Motel before turning the lights off and attempting to sleep. After an hour, I got in with Jamie. I hated it. I was sleeping on an uncomfortable sofa bed in my living room. I felt like a 16 year old runaway on my friend's floor. It was inconvenient, people couldn't pass as they pleased, my feet were hanging off the edge and I didn't have everything I needed at hand.

People need bedroom's. I grew up with my brother coming in and out and doing whatever he pleased whilst I wasn't there (I've blogged about that more times than I can remember) and so I thought that I didn't need a bedroom, I just needed space from my parents and brother, but no, I was wrong. And apparently everyone saw this coming but Jamie and I.

We talked in the early hours about a new plan and both discussed that we were fully ready to live as an actual couple. I still believe in taking it slowly, we aren't going to be married and popping out mini Fernandes/Mallaney hybrids any time soon but it's nice. It also dawned on us that sharing this space (which we already were, I just had plans to sleep elsewhere) means that we don't have to book our time in with each other any more. We can come and go as we please and meet in bed to discuss our day and cuddle. We can also have our desired space because we now have a fully functional living room and we now own a double (actually it's slightly bigger than a double) bed. 

Another thing we had to set the bar was that for the past 18 months we've been sharing a less than single bed and not being able to have a decent night's sleep. The great thing about this bed is that we can choose whether to cuddle or be ignorant as it actually can fit quite a few people in there (house party, don't ask) and so we don't get in each other's way.

This feels right. We're happy with the decision we made, I conclusively feel at ease and my parents and majority of my friends are finally settled with the idea that we can be a 'normal couple.' It scares me about leveling up my relationship but moving out is equally as terrifying. To be honest, a lot of things put me into a state of attacking anxiety but I'm slowly getting there.

Now, every time I look at this in the centre of the mantelpiece, I feel happy and content. 

And so our story continues... 

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Outfit of the Day and Learning to Cook

Today's Outfit of the Day was inspired by my neighbour's attempts on my life with the use of nature.

In my last post I wrote about how they keep throwing rubbish into the spiky bush and impaling me with splinters and sharp wooden spikes which led me to this rather pink ode to the arseholes.

It clashes so much and had practically everyone that I passed today staring at me. I am fairly fond of the attention that my outfits get. 

Today was also my last day as a cyclist. I hate my new cycle route and fighting every door way in the flat to get it in and out. I have multiple cuts and contusions all over my legs from the battles I've had and I am soooo over it. Luckily, my boyfriend and I work the same shift at the same place so I can hop in his car now that we live together, although I am slightly emotional that I won't have the freedom to go off on cycle rides through the woods or near the river any more.

I'm also on the verge of cycling into someones ankles when they look at me cycling and deliberately don't move out of the way. I'm riding a heavy metal machine and you want to crawl along the path?!

I dropped the bike off at my parents house and arrived there to presents! I haven't re-directed my mail because I can basically wait to see how much money I don't have in my account and I already know how bad my eye sight is so Specsavers don't really have to remind me. Especially when I've been trying to book an appointment since July and they are always fully booked. Le sigh.

Dannii had bought me some presents purely because she is awesome. I received a phone case and crown accessory, "So my phone can be a princess too." Her words exactly.

It is amazing. 

After returning to the flat and unpacking the last of Jamie's things, I decided to cook us some dinner. After 5 days of surviving on pizza and noodles, I decided it was time to learn to cook properly.

I made chicken and bacon fajita's with cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, chilli flakes and garam masala. A solid step up from microwavable super noodles...even if the wrap did fall apart.

Bonus points for no-one getting food poisoning. 

We suck at this whole 'owning dishes' thing. After eating, we let our food settle before cleaning up and once we did, we discovered a plate that had miraculously cracked all the way down the middle.

Not one person caused it. Nothing was placed on top of it and it wasn't put in the sink with force. A couple of days ago I smashed a bowl. I feel sorry for Rob as it seems to be all of his cutlery that gets damaged, broken or slices people's fingers open. 

All clothing featured in this post was purchased in the finest shop that is Primark :')

Link me your latest posts below! 

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Growing Up Series: Bad Neighbours

It's been almost a week now, we've all moved in a settled and the 'new flat' feeling has washed over.

We've all annoyed each other at some point as we are wholly individual personalities that do things completely differently. For example, I wash my clothes on a Friday and fill one airer, Rob washes every day, part because he has to and part because that's what he's used to. Our methods annoy each other but none of us will change for the other.

Another thing we came to realise last night is that our neighbours are awful. I couldn't even make up the craziness that we have had to entail so far. 

They live above us and so they pass us to go upstairs and their balcony door is above our door to the outside (we're ground floor). The first thing that we discovered was that they don't work. The bang around all hours and are constantly hanging out with different friends. This isn't a major problem, I mean they could have illnesses or anything that cause them not to work or they could be on a prolonged holiday, I'm not one to judge someones lifestyle but when they sound like a stampeding heard of elephants at 2am, they need to realise that we do work.

Another is that they do drugs. At our flat party they developed a habit of hanging off their balcony to see what we're doing. At this point they were throwing half smoked joints all over the front of our flat and offering my friends if they wanted to get high. Nice. The amount of times I've disposed of smoked joints and butts is actually vile. Also, whenever they're stood above me smoking, it's like they aim to drop things on my head. They've taken ash blonde and added a whole new meaning to it.

Outside our flat and all over the car park grounds are these horrible spikey bushes. Our neighbours have a habit of throwing their empty wine bottles into it, which in turn impales us with splinters and spikes.

Last night was the first time they've directly made contact. Well, their drunken friend did. I went outside for a cigarette and as I was the only smoker (Richie wasn't here) and I was scrolling Social Media when I heard this voice "Scuse me, Av just seen u take a photoooooo n so as ma m8." 

I was originally on Facebook and then clicked on my Snapchat app which opened up on my thumb face for precisely 3 seconds before I started looking at my friends' stories. The actual Snapchat screen was full of my big ass forehead and my gross roots, I would have to position it perfectly to capture a photo of them and they're so high up you couldn't even see them. Also, he was stood completely alone when he slurred this but mainly, why the fuck would I want a photo of some random strangers that I have never met? 

Apart from the impending doom of having these people as my neighbours for at least the next year, we have all settled in really well. As I write this blog post, Jamie and I (mainly Jamie) are sorting out the last few bits for the flat. We're removing the excess boxes and suitcases that are no longer required and finding everything a home. 

We had a few friends round last night as Rob declared he was bored and everyone was too tired to make actual plans. It was all good fun, takeaway pizza and a crate of lager. I have this thing where I like to put snacks out at parties, mainly because I get really hungry when I'm drunk but last night I actually fell asleep on the couch just before midnight. Adulting is exhausting.

Craig brought round fairy cakes. He knows me so well :')

Jamie and I had our first shopping trip! It was amazing that we spent as little money as possible and still filled the fridge and cupboards. Tonight, I'm stepping away from the pizza and noodle only diet and making Fajitas. If I don't buy the spice then it will become chicken and bacon wraps with salad. Ha! I've made progress.

Jamie's Mum and Auntie also bought us this. How cute is it? I'm excited for our adventure to continue.

Next stop. Planning a holiday!

Have you got any nasty neighbour stories to share?

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Outfit of the Week - THAT Dress #2, The Breakfast Club and The Fed Up Cyclist.

Lately, I've been really into fashion and experimentation. All of the boys have moved in pretty much (Jamie is officially moving in on Friday) and so I have had three extra people to tell me if my outfit is yay or nay. Of course none of them actually give a shit but they get into it because the faster they answer, the faster I go away, quite frankly.

My top three outfits so far this week are:

1. The Freebie.

Jess came over to stay for a couple of night's with Richie as he moved in and approached me saying that I could have this gorgeous flowery dress. Her exact words were; "I look like a sausage, I think you'll look better." 

Not being photogenic at a time like this is devastating. Justice has not been served for the beauty that is THIS dress.

2. The Fed Up Cyclist.

People are constantly seeing a huge metal machine cycling towards the space next to them and then WALKING IN FRONT OF IT. Drivers tell us to get on the path, pedestrians tell us to get on the road. The Highway Code dictates that a cyclist can ride on either, obviously rules apply. 

Try and ignore me now. Also, yes that is a toilet selfie, aha! I really dislike my new route to work. It used to be a lovely cycle through nature, the woods, next to the river. Now, it's up and down every hill imaginable, through the town centre and passed a residential and a college area. It sucks :'(

3. The Breakfast Club

I really love this outfit. Or more the blazer as it goes with EVERYTHING. 

I originally bought it for a night out but it wasn't appropriate and then I shoved it in the cupboard thinking I'd never find the opportunity to wear it. And it's two sizes too big because I'm a moron but I actually really like the over-sized look.

So many toilets in this blog post. 

Jamie and I also realised that we were wearing really similar clothing today. Awks. We look cool and are apparently one of THOSE couples.

So that sums up my favourite outfits of the week. Apart of experimenting with fashion and moving in...still, we really are a slow bunch, I've started a new project! I decided to make a tutu and a tiara, 'The Princess and the Frog' inspired. I have cut out some felt so far. I've been really tired, don't judge me. 

As I've been planning face paints and arts projects, Jamie got his creative juices flowing and built himself a wardrobe. I attempted to help but in reality I sat really close to him, took photos and played Diner Dash. 

Jamie ended up wearing my joggers for comfort and we also didn't have a hammer. Creative juices ;)

After an incident free building of the wardrobe, I smashed a bowl and Jamie sliced his finger on a kitchen knife. We've been living together for less than a week and Jamie hasn't even properly moved in yet. Our adventures are going well so far :')

My parents came round for dinner on Monday and that's the first and last meal I will probably ever have in this flat. If you follow me on any form of Social Media, but in particular Instagram, then you will realise that I have lived off pizza and noodles ever since moving in. I really can't cook. I get bored and I don't have a clue. Thunderthighs4lyf.

My parents bought me supplies. They know me so well.

I need to buy some proper food and soon! I also need to return to healthy eating. I've been so sluggish lately.

To finish off this rather cluttered post: an awesome flat warming gift for the flat off Jamie's Mama and Auntie.

They're nautical themed! They were originally for the bathroom but they don't quite fit. I really want to turn them into my make-up/crafts drawers but we have to decide as a team. They are now going in my bedroom though ;) 

I basically bought every article of clothing from Primark apart from the neon giraffe leggings and heart cardigan which were purchased online :) 

What outfits have you posted about lately? Link me below!

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