The Ultimate Financial Checklist

Pay day! I love pay day. It's the only day of the month that I have ANY money. Of course, I've paid all of my bills, budgeted for the month and it's my parents anniversary this weekend so I'm flat out broke again but that is life. That is adulthood. That is the way of the world.

I earn enough to cover my necessities and still go out for a few sociables on a weekend so I'm doing okay.

In just over 2 months, my entire life and my financial identity is completely overhauling. My life and financial identity compared to three years ago has also completely changed.

I work in finance, I manage my own finances (with the help of Jamie who is like my personal accountant because he can do math in his head at insane speeds and notice trends in your spending that you will never notice) and so I thought I would share with you my ultimate financial checklist.

Being in your early 20's is the time that your life will transition repeatedly. You might make friends and lose them, you might go on holiday, have your heart broken, meet the love of your life and finally establish your independence but whilst you're learning the world, you need to learn how to look after your money and how to make your money look after you.

Below is my ultimate financial checklist to aid you through your 20's and 30's. These don't just apply to that age group though, you can start and change your life at any time!

1. Budget

You can't spend what you don't have.

2. Track your expenses. 

 Notice a trend in your spending and prevent overspending. Again, you can't spend what you don't have.

3. Help to Buy

I have rented twice and it has been the worst experience of my life and unbelievably expensive. At the end, I won't even own the home that I'm paying for! Help to Buy schemes make paying for and owning your own home more 'do-able' and saving for a mortgage not so much of a daunting prospect.

4. Find a career

It's never too late to find out what you what you want to do with your life. Why waste your time slaving away at an underpaid job you hate when you could be climbing your way up the ladder of your dreams?


5. Get a car


Although extra money outgoing, you will find yourself more independence and it will open up more career opportunities as well as the option to live 'out of range' of said career.

At least get a license. A lot of jobs ask you if you have your own transport. If you say no but that you have a license then they can even give you a car as part of your contract as a company perk.

6. Pay your debt

Debt is a viscous cycle that will only get worse. Red letters are scary territory and can cause complications in the long run.

7. Pay your Student Loans off

You may never pay off your Student Loan but the more you contribute, the less they whack on that interest.

8. Pension Schemes

Even if you're 18 and you've just left college, in your first 'pit stop' job that you don't intend to do for the rest of your life. Contribute a small % each month into a pension scheme to secure your future. When you leave that job, take your little nest egg with you and put it in savings. You won't notice the pounds leaving your account each month but will notice the larger lump sum you've built up later on.

9. Monitor your taxes

Tax codes in particular are sneaky and you could end up being owed money or underpaying tax and getting fined. Monitor your taxes and report any errors immediately to protect your money. Research taxing, tax codes and how it applies to you to understand your paycheck each month.

Whenever I receive a paycheck or a letter from HMRC, I check out and links like this one to make sure that my finances are what they should be.

10. Savings account

It's not a nice experience living paycheck to paycheck, especially if you are renting/have a mortgage and bills. Have a savings account. Have many savings accounts. Don't let yourself experience unnecessary stress or money worries when you can put aside a small amount of money each month. Once you start putting money away and adjust to 'living without' that money (although it is always accessible), you won't even notice it's gone but if something happens (like job loss) then you'll have a comfort blanket to fall back on until you sort yourself out again.

11. Build your credit

The younger you start, the more you'll build and the better off you'll be in the long run. You can research in depth how to build credit but simple things like having a phone contract, paying bills on time, having a credit card and paying it off immediately, setting up manageable direct debits, all contribute.

12. Cancel the overdraft

And if you really feel that you need an overdraft, pay it off as soon as you get paid. Don't let interest build and debt spiral. Interest on overdrafts, particularly unplanned overdrafts can really damage your financial identity.

13. Bargain Hunt

Price comparison sites are a God Send and 10p noodles aren't that bad with a decent sauce over them. Don't waste your money unnecessarily and don't feel bad for finding the best deal that's right for you and your money.

14. Get work experience

Some say it's more important than education (hmmm). The world is a tough and scary place. Showing that you worked for little to no money whilst going to college is actually pretty impressive. It's sort of like 'levelling up' in a game. You worked a couple of weeks out of the summer or a few weekends at an internship but to a company, they see you as trained, experienced and someone capable of doing a job. It makes your CV more employable over someone who has done little to nothing.

15. House share

Splitting the bills and other things is always better than dealing with it alone.

16. Pay your bills on time

They will fine you and again, it can damage your financial identity if you are a repeat offender.

17. Get a high interest bank/savings account 

You work hard for your money so why don't earn money for having money?

18. Use tools 

Banking apps, money management sites/apps - be organised with your finances. I have a banking app and use Personal Capital's Free Financial Tools to monitor my finances all hours of the day.

19. Set up direct debits 

You will never forget the quarterly council tax bill again.

20. Consider living at home

I was pretty naive when I moved out. I had just got my first fixed term (not permanent) job and rushed into the first place I could find. Between phone bills, rent, council tax, water, gas, electricity, insurance, admin fees...the list goes on, I did not know where my money was coming and going. Consider staying in the Council tax free, reduced rent comfort of your parents home that little bit longer, save some cash, go on holiday and really research what you are doing.

21. Invest

If you're business savvy then invest your money and reap the rewards. I know people with shares in Krispy Kreme and those that live at home with their parents whilst renting out their home as well as working.

22. Have a piggy bank

Seems silly but every penny or 5 pence piece you would normally disregard, put into a jar and exchange it with your bank when it's full. The last time Jamie did that, he clocked in over a 100 pounds. Not bad for just throwing the odd penny in there.


So that is my financial checklist that I recommend to you.

Do you have a financial checklist? What are your money management tips and techniques? Comment/link me below or find me on social media! 

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What Do I Snack On? A Healthier Alternative

I love food.

I adore food.

I have been leading a healthier lifestyle (on and off forever) for over a month now. I feel a lot better, my bank account likes me more because I'm not incessantly buying shit and my body likes me better for treating it like a temple...excluding this weekend.

The past weekend was a mate date with Jamie and a celebration of Dannii's birthday. I loaded up on those calories like they were going out of fashion and then indulged in a two day cocktail bender. Bender is not the right word to use but it seemed fitting. Because of all of the food consumed, I barely got tipsy, never mind drunk!

Friday night looked like this...

And Saturday looked like this...

So much bubblegum realness...I talked about Huckleberry's here which, by the way, is a Man V Food based restaurant and I was legit sweating from the amount of calories I consumed. I'm lush, I know...

The cherry drop cocktail actually is lush. Although, the price is not at almost 30 quid for this round.

Anyway, Sunday I was kind of good getting back into the healthy foods but then Monday came around  and I consumed two red bulls in the space of an hour.

Now that I have had a super treat weekend/Monday morning...I am back to it with the healthy food regime. Today was grocery shopping day and I usually post some recipes that I'm trying out but I've never covered the topic of snacks. I have found some 'healthier' alternative snacks that keep my cravings at bay and prevent my waist band expanding even further.

So, here is what I typically snack on and include in my lunches for work. 

In no particular order...

1. Bananas

I like the smaller ones as I'm not overly keen on fruit. I force myself to eat it as it does improve my moods and fills my tummy up until meal times. Also, it fills me without that horrible 'junk food' groggy feeling, if you know what I mean.

2. Popcorn

I was astounded that popcorn could be good for you. My all time favourite popcorn is Propercorn and Metcalfe Skinny Popcorn. There are so many flavours and varieties and some are quite unusual. I haven't found a flavour that I don't like yet and they are a light snack which is perfect for cinema trips, picnics or at my desk at work. You can also buy the super sized packets in supermarkets but I tend to buy these individual ones. Each bag is less than 200 calories too!

3. Rice cakes

I used to hate rice cakes with a passion. They are bland and taste like what I imagine cardboard tastes like. 

I first tried Metcalfe's Skinny Rice Cakes which were covered in chocolate and yogurt and they were bang on with getting rid of the cravings. They taste just like candy and are again light and perfect for on the go snacking. They can get a little messy though. I then came across another version of Metcalfe's because I shop at Lidl and Aldi which have alternative EVERYTHING. Still on par, matching in calories, price and flavour though.

4. Nak'd bars

I have a love/hate relationship with these. Sometimes I really crave one, I savour and enjoy it and sometimes I can't go near one because I think it's revolting. Nak'd bars are 100% fruits and nuts, sometimes with a lil extra depending on which flavour you get but they are all dairy and gluten free with high fibre content.

5. Delight Bites

One of the many cheap alternatives of Sun Bites. I am a carb lover. If we have a buffet at work, we split it over two sides. The savoury and the sweet. You will always find me hidden behind a locker, consuming 5 cheese and onion rolls followed by whatever mini version of carbs is available. I adore carbs. I found that these satisfy my cravings for carbs, calories and crisps. Also, available in many flavours.

6. Flapjack

Sometimes, I don't want a light snack. I want something quite stodgy that will give me that fuller, more satisfied feeling without overindulging. Flapjack is the king of this.

Although more calorific than the other snacks I have mentioned, it's still not too bad. I buy mini oaty flapjacks that are usually quite plain. A fair amount of calories for one bar but it's okay if you only consume in moderation.

For that niggling sweet tooth...

I'm not always savoury obsessed. Sometimes, there's nothing more I want than a pint of ice-cream or a massive bar of chocolate. 

When this happens, I sort of give in. As this is labelled a 'healthier' alternative, I must tell you that it does, in fact, include chocolate. 

7. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is said to be better than you because of a whole load of reasons explained here. I bought the below bar because it was less than a pound and I don't really eat all that much chocolate to buy a more expensive brand. You can get super high quality chocolate that's even better for you if you shop around.

8. Yogurt

There are so many yogurt's available out there that are actually good for you. Some for your internal organs (they obviously make it sound better than I do), some that are good for your cholesterol, some low in fat and some that are free from dairy, gluten and every other thing. I prefer yogurt's that you can drink because I find it better than having to pack and carry a spoon every where (I now have a collection of spoons in my locker at work, clean of course...I think) and it's so much handier than having to sit and spoon feed yourself when you can quickly drink and dispose of it.

I was originally drinking some low fat ones but lately actually got really into these cholesterol ones.

Also low in calories which is kind of what I expected they should be. The sugar content isn't great but as I said, I drink these when I'm craving something sweet could be a lot worse.

To wash it all down...

I try and drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. Sometimes I struggle with that because I'm addicted to caffeine...usually in the form of coffee. I did go through a massive green and matcha tea phase but drank it until I was physically sick of it.

Now, as well as your bog standard water (and I still do indulge in energy drinks, totally not drinking one right now whilst writing this post...) I like to drink flavoured water. It mixes it up a little and can act as a mixer at parties so you can even make your night outs all that bit healthier. 

They contain barely anything per serving and are packed full of flavour. I choose a new flavour every week or two as to not get sick of them.


That's about it for my 'healthier' snacks post. 

Do you eat healthy snacks? Comment or link me them below so I can try them out! 

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How Well Do We Know Each Other? - Friendship Quiz

I've hit that point in my adult life where I procrastinate instead of paying bills and whilst everyone is out meeting the love of their life, getting engaged and breeding...I'm sat in a corner somewhere taking a Buzzfeed quiz about which pizza topping I most relate to...

Now, I don't want to stop taking lame quizzes but it is kind of sad to do alone (the amount I actually do is, anyway) and so I drag my friends down with me.

I'm sure they appreciate that.

A few weeks ago, I searched for some friendship quizzes, I slightly altered them to make them more suited to us and then harassed Connor to take part with me.

The point in the below quiz is to find out how well we know each other. I've known Connor on and off for nearly 2 years (explained in the quiz), but how well do I actually know Connor? And how well does he know me? I answered the questions as did he and then we compared our answers.

Find out how we did below :')

I highlighted my answers in pink and Connor's in blue :) Additional comments are in black.


1. When and how did we first meet?

I was on a night out with friends and you were on a team night out with Jamie. I went to see Jamie and boom, our friendship formed.

We met on a team night out, you were also out and Jamie introduced us. You mentioned your website or something regarding horoscopes.

Astronomy, but close! I worked for an Astronomy magazine when I was at Uni :)

2. What is my favourite colour?

I like different colours depending on my mood but we'll go with pink/red...I think. Black? Black isn't a colour it?

My favourite colour is probably Red but it's really tough... Yours is most likely pink

I already suck at this...

3. If I could go any place on Earth, where would it be?

I would go to Hawaii.

OMG, I do know yours because we've had this conversation SOOO many times. Germany? Switzerland? I know you were learning the language!

I would probably go to either Germany or Northern Italy... You would choose somewhere like Spain or America? 

Yes! I knew it! You were close enough ;)

4. Favourite food?


Yours... erm ... fuck ... something home cooked? You cook a lot of food.

Favourite food I would say is... Probably a really good Indian curry... I think you're pizza most likely

5. Biggest fear?

Holes. Like...Holes. Google trypophobia....BLERGH

Water for you? I always make cool plans but you really don't like water :')

My biggest fear is either water or spiders... I would say yours is being alone in the flat

Being alone in the flat is pretty on par with holes. I FEAR BEING MURDERED, OKAY?! :)

6. If I was stuck on a desert island, what three things could I not live without?

Mine: Hair bobble...there's just so much of it! Do I have to include my glasses or can I just keep them? Vape and if the glasses don't count theeeeeen... something to keep me entertained... erm ... notebook (the pen would have to come included though).

I have no idea. 

Is it silly to say food air and water... I would literally die... Music on its own would get me through... It's difficult to think of another 2... For you I would say your phone for social media... The sims... And your blog.

My Sim DID just have an alien baby...

7. What is my dream job?

Writer. In any form bar newspaper. 

That one with the film and scripts. 

My dream job is tough... It keeps changing... Right now maybe I would say TEFL teacher... For you it would be journalist/blogger

8. Any phobias?

I have a whole blog post on it. Click here. This has since expanded since moving out to being alone in the flat and casually being murdered...

Yours? Water. Darkness. People?

Yes many phobias... Water, spiders and that cherophobia we talked about. For you it's being alone in the flat of course... Spiders... Maybe something else.

9. Any nicknames?

Gillie :) Gill which I fucking hate. My Mum calls me Gilliana Banana which I do not want to catch on.

Con Con. Condiment. I know you have a bunch from Uni and Condom which I really wish you loved :') Anything beginning with Con has probably been your nickname at some point.

Condom, Conman, Condorian, Con... Not sure what else... I honestly don't know if you have any... Gillie Mall?

10. Do I waste money or save it? 

I waste it. I don't mean to. I justify in my head that I need that new dress, I need that hair dye and I need 6 shades of the same lipstick. I do save money too though. 

You saveeeeeeee.

I'm a saver you're a waster... Simples 😃 

11. Do I sing in the shower?

I do and my neighbours love it. I'M JUST A LOVE MACHIIIIIIIIINE.

I secretly want to believe that you do but I reckon you're like a Sim when you click "Take a brooding shower" in Sims 3. You're a very serious guy ;)

Everyone sings in the shower...

I fucking knew it! I love this more than appropriate.

12. Am I allergic to anything?

Cranberries make me sick and I thought I was lactose intolerant once. I have allergies and sinus problems but I don't think there's much else.

You mentioned 'some dogs.' I'm sure there's more :')

I am allergic to animals but there is no pattern that I know of... Also peanuts give me projectile napalm from... You don't need me to explain... You are sometimes iffy with pets too but nothing else I know of.

Yeah, I think they're fur can play with my sinuses. I just live without the ability to breathe.

13. How would we spend the day together?

In the pub or shopping around town. We never did buy that plant...

Jeremy Kyle... shopping... Food... Drink... Movie... Spooning... Probably... If you had your way...

OMG, yours sounds like a day we should totally have!

14. Would I believe a rumour told by someone that you had been talking about me behind my back?

I personally wouldn't because you are very blunt (that's not a bad thing.)

I hope you wouldn't. I tell you everything.

If it was Dannii probably... Other than that probably not xD 

15. Do I want marriage and babies?

Right now I don't. I mean, I love being a relationship and I love the idea of a marriage but I don't really believe that people who get married stay married. It's too easy to quit and I don't have the best record with my taste in men. It's probably best for my finances and mental health if I don't get married :')

I don't want kids. I like them when I can give them back but Sim babies is enough. 

OOOOOOO, I do want a gigantic dress, a party, a cake and all eyes on me though...can I have a wedding party? But not get married?

I believe you do. I know you'd love to be a Dad one day :) 

I'm not sure if I want marriage... Babies of course... Both of those things make you want to vomit... 

The vomit part is true...can I still have the day though? Right?

16. What's my birthday? - without checking social media

January or February? I remember it being near new year because I held onto your present for ages and it was soon after the Christmas present...

Or June 31st. Which I didn't question for days. Bellend.

Mine is 11th of January 1991 and I am a Capricorn... Yours is 27th of April 1993 and you are a sassy Taurus 

Dammit. I was practically right though!

17. Favourite TV show?

Versailles. I will get married and have babies tomorrow if it could be with George Blagden. 

I am also a sucker for guys with long hair.

I don't have a clue about yours. I know you watch a lot of sport but that doesn't really count...

My favourite TV Show of all time is probably Smallville I think... Yours is whatever you are currently watching because it's automatically the best thing ever... But I would go with something like gossip girl or one tree hill... I'm unsure?

You are totes right. Whatever is the latest obsession is my new fav and in Gillie's unreal. Seriously, watch Versailles already! You like history!

18. Embarassing secret? You don't have to reveal it but do you know any?

Yes. I know a few and I'm laughing at them right now.

I am not writing them on this blog because I know people from my actual real life that know both me and Connor who read this...let's just go with yes :')

19. How much money is in my bank account?

More than there has been in months.

I know you save a lot and are good with money. 

I am not telling you how much money is in my bank account hahaha.. I have savings though... I would say you depend on the time of the month as you are close to being out of the student overdraft.

20. Can I handle my booze?


I've never seen you drunk but maybe I was too drunk to notice you being drunk?

I can handle my booze really well... You usually handle it with both hands and pretty poorly if I'm honest.... 😃 

Nailed it.

21. Favourite alcohol drink?

Fosters. The hangover is so not worth it though. Oh no wait! Vodka! Again, the hangover is so not worth it though.

Ales and Baileys. You have a taste for the finer things in life.

Mine is Rekorderlig because it's amazing and reminds me of good times but baileys and Long Island iced tea are also fantastic... You are jaeger bombs or anything vodka laced.

Saaaaake. I knew the Long Island Iced Tea one because I was trying to force you out one time by promising you loads of them!

22. Favourite coffee?

Any. Inject it to I stop burning my fingers and tongue at work.

Is it latte you get? Coffee with syrup.

I am a caramel latte guy... You are a vanilla latte girl?

23. How to make them feel better in a situation?

Generally exist around me. Or tell me what I want to hear. Depends how dire the situation is.

I try not to leave you alone but you're a hard shell to crack.

I think it's tough to make me feel better in a situation... I know that I'm a hard ass... As for you... Listening to what you have to say and being there.

24. It's Friday night, what are we most likely doing?

Inboxing on Facebook about how we should go out more. 

Complaining about how our crippling anxiety has caused us to overthink much of this week?

Meh. We do both and still don't change our lifestyles :')


That's it! I don't think we did all that bad to be honest!

Special thanks to Connor to taking part in my experiment and do you know how long it took me to find a photo of us both in which you are smiling?!

We look cute though.

Do you have any friendship quiz successes or failures? Or any quizzes generally because I'm an addict. Comment/link me below or find me on social media! 

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Exposing Fakeup...

In my 23 years on this planet, I have come across a lot of bad people. People who betray, people who lie, people who steal. People who abuse others because they're horrible people....Or at least, have the ability to commit such horrible acts. 

I am still naive enough...innocent enough, to believe that there are good people out there. People who are selfless, people who want to help and who will do things simply because they're kind. And there are...just not in this post. 

As a self professed bargain hunter, I tend to come across more mean people than nice. I am always thrilled when really expensive make-up goes up on eBay because I can't afford the retail price. I save up for months and months but in the end, I can never justify spending almost hundreds on make-up when I have bills and a family to look after. I feel guilty almost when I spend that money on something that I know could contribute to bills or food for the next month. Of course, as I have worked hard my entire life and continue to work hard, I do like to splurge every now and then. I love to chase a bargain because I truly believed that it was a better deal. Not always...

Recently, I posted this Lime Crime review and I was already dubious because of the brand. I thought that they were going up on eBay because of the drama and many people won't associate with the brand so sell it off cheaply. Now, this is true but..a few weeks after I posted that, I came across this video posted by one of my fav vloggers. Basically, what she says in the video and when I researched fakeup or, fake makeup, myself, it shows that people use other people's naivety to make a profit. 

Upon research, I came across a plethora of horror stories and facts behind the fakeup industry. They are skilled and talented con people  who mimic the real brands and load them with lethal toxins which people like me then buy.

There are hundreds of thousands of fakeup horror stories out there.

I will post my research links so you can read in full detail what the crack is, but what I found was that bogus MAC, Benefit and Urban Decay (plus many more) had been tested to reveal that they contained lead, mercury and cyanide in them, to name a few. 

Criminal Gangs have large laboratories underground making and distributing large quantities of fake cosmetics before selling them dirt cheap on popular sites such as eBay and Amazon. 

All of the above images sourced from this article.

Police issued warnings that substances such as rat poo, arsenic, cyanide and even human urine had been found in fake perfume and counterfeit cosmetics. Yummy. Imagine that next time you're getting ready for a night out. 

Criminals are also using fake names on Social Media as an online black market to sell these products undetected. And unless caught in the act of distributing the product by the police, the criminals usually get away with it because of damn good mimicking of the real product and the trust of their clients.

"Cosmetic scientist Colin Sanders thinks it is unlikely for arsenic to turn up in your cosmetics. “It would cost money to put it in,” he points out. Rat droppings are more of a possibility, although they are “not particularly harmful in small quantities,” says Sanders – so at least that’s reassuring.

Bargain-hungry shoppers may, however, fall foul of counterfeiters using the wrong amounts of normal ingredients, especially preservatives, which could trigger an allergic reaction in the unsuspecting. “Once you’ve developed an allergy to something you get it for a considerable period of time, possibly even life,” says Sanders. This means that even using the genuine product could prompt such reactions at a later date.

So how can you tell if your makeup is fake? The packaging is probably going to be a pretty good rip-off of the real thing in order to fool bargain hunters, Terry points out. The biggest tip, as ever, is to apply a bit of common sense: where are you buying your makeup from? Does the price seem feasible? “If it’s ridiculously cheap,” says Terry, “it’s either going to be counterfeit or stolen.” "

Mashable outed China and more eastern countries as those mainly (but not solely) responsible for the uprise in fakeup production.

"BEIJING — China is the world capital of fakes. Here you can get counterfeit handbags, watches and electronics that look identical to the real goods. You can visit an amusement park with over 130 replicas of other countries’ landmarks, and shop on streets lined with stores like “Cnanel” and “Tifeany” and “Starbocks”.

There are many budget-conscious fashionistas in China and abroad who are proud to swing convincing Guccis and Pradas from their shoulders, but when it comes to makeup, perfume and skincare products, fakes pose a very real danger."

They went on to say:

"Mercury, lead, arsenic, cyanide and even human urine and rat droppings are often found in counterfeit cosmetics made in China. The level of toxins in some of these products have led to severe allergic reactions including skin rashes and burns, disfigurement and long-term health problems such as high blood pressure and infertility.

While replicas of products from popular brands like MAC, Benefit and Urban Decay have long been piled high at night market tables across Asia, foreign governments have recently raised the alarm that fake beauty products made in China are being sold to online shoppers around the world."

"At least £90 million is spent every year on fake items as the rapid growth of online shopping has expanded the market.

Counterfeit beauty products have become increasingly common and are readily available on auction sites, online forums and social media.

Authenticating products has become more challenging as shoppers are unable to physically inspect items before committing to purchase them.

Police warned that criminals are using generic stock images to deceive consumers into believing the items they are browsing are authentic."


As well as the damage to our health from loading up on this poisonous shit, we are also exposing our financial and other forms of identity as well as home addresses to these people which could lead to even bigger issues such as identity theft. Imagine the pain that the Lime Crime customers went through when that drama unfolded and experiencing the same from a counterfeit version.

So, before purchasing your next deal on make-up, do your research about how to protect yourself whilst shopping online and how to spot fake makeup and other beauty products. 

Lesson learned and massive thank you to Emily Boo for teaching me a lesson before some petty criminal did!

Have you ever experienced a fakeup horror story? Share your thoughts on this post and fakeup in the comments below or find me on social media! 

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Healthy Pizza Recipe

Okay, so I looooove pizza but it's not really recommended as part of a healthy and nutritious diet. 

Wellllll, where there's a Gillie and her insane cravings...there's a way. 

After a quick Google search, I came across this recipe and after I tweaked it to my liking, I present to you... the healthy pizza recipe.


You will need

200g Strong White Bread Flour (I couldn't find Strong White or Strong Wholeweat and already owned this...worked a treat though!)

1 teaspoon or 7 gram sachet of easy-blend yeast.

125ml of warm water.

A can of chopped tomatoes.

For the topping, I suggest any lean meat, fish and veg.

I chose tuna, sweetcorn and a sprinkling of light cheese before garnishing it with pea shoots and baby leaves.


Mix the flour and yeast with your water in a blender with a dough blade or in a bowl like I did.

Remove the soft dough ball and work with your hands for around a minute. 

Roll out on a lightly floured surface. The thicker you leave it, the longer it will take to cook. It is suggested to roll it quite thinly and around 30cm across.

Leave it to rise for around 20 minutes.

If you have "wet" toppings like I do then I recommend cooking the base for a few minutes by itself to stop the base from going soggy or changing in texture. 

To prevent the base sticking to a tray, I recommend lightly buttering or oiling some tin foil and placing it over the top.

Place all of the toppings on and cook for between 12 - 20 minutes (I like my pizza quite well cooked, the longer you leave it, the more cooked it will be...duh!) or until the edges are golden and crispy. 

Garnish and Serve! 

Do you have any healthy alternative recipes? Have you tried one of mine? Comment or leave your links below/find me on social media! 

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