Harley Quinn/Joker Hybrid/Slightly Ranty Blog Post

This is the start of my 9 days off work and what better way to start it than a Cinema trip and impromptu night out with some friends!

Last night, we went to see Suicide Squad at the new cinema in my hometown. It was actually alright. Modern, huge, reclining chairs that don't piss off your neighbour, surround sounds that works, high quality screen and they even serve alcohol. Winning.

I actually really enjoyed the film. It could have been better but it could have been worse. Joker was executed brilliantly (helicopter scene...my Lorde), Captain Boomerang is my spirit animal and Diablo turned out to be my villainous hero. I feel that the crazy levels could have been cranked higher BUT the film is a 15 so totally understandable. The effects and costumes were bang on and Cara Delevingne is just <3 

As we were seeing Suicide Squad, we decided to dress up a little. Have a little fun. Loosen up a bit after a 45 hour work week. 

I didn't prepare for this in the slightest. Usually, I will buy an outfit, some appropriate make-up, watch YouTube videos and really focus on the character that I want to become. 

Well, yesterday I had around an hour and on the way home from work decided that I would join my friends in dressing up. I rocked a black dress because I didn't have anything else and created a hybrid look of Harley Quinn and Joker. 

I don't own white face paint or foundation and already am the palest foundation so we can just work with that. It is an inspired look after all. 

I originally wanted to create Harley's mask but I wear glasses so stuck to overcompensated eyeshadow and blending with my fingers.

Image Credit: Telegraph 

Image Credit: arkhamcity

The two above images inspired the eye makeup.

My lips were that of the joker. I referenced Jack Nicholson.

Image Credit: Batman

Considering I had an hour and no costume to accompany my face, I am actually quite proud of how it turned out.

 After all, it's just a bit of fun and a good way to spend a Friday night. 


I really need to invest in some contacts. 

In the cinema and partly afterwards when we went out for the night, so many people were just outright rude about the fact I had worn makeup like this. A girl in the cinema and her male friend started openly slagging me off. Like, how fucking rude. IT'S A BIT OF FUN, TAKE THE CORK OUT OF YOUR ARSE AND LOOSEN THE FUCK UP.

I expected it on a night out to be honest. I mean, if you don't look like the 17 other girls then you aren't good enough. GOD FORBID I THINK FOR MYSELF AND HAVE A LAUGH WITH SOMETHING THAT COMES OFF WITH A BABY WIPE.

I had fun and went to bed a bit drunk but smiling. No matter what you do, some arsehole won't be impressed. I unfollowed so many people on Twitter this morning for slagging off bloggers. Your life better be God Damned fucking perfect to even slightly comment on mine. Commenting on what other people choose to do with their life literally reeks of your own insecurities and makes you the most unappealing person to be around. 

Empower people! Don't knock them down! I love people's creativity even if it's the complete opposite to what I would do because those people aren't me! I don't live their life, I don't know their financial situation and as long as it's not physically harming anyone (or mentally) then who the fuck cares?!

I had so many nice comments on my Facebook about my makeup though which really made my day. I love people who love people. I haven't got time for people who project their own shit and dedicate their lives to making mine harder to live.

I feel I channeled the Joker perfectly here. 

Highlight on point though. Would have been so much better without the glasses! I even wore my hair in little pigtails but my hair is now that black, you couldn't even see :')

Do you have any character inspired make-up looks? Do you cosplay? Link me below so I check them out!! 

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